Ixchel Penthouse


A lofty dream tucked into the hillside, a pristine beach below, surf breaking over giant boulders in an immense blue Pacific...is this dream for you? Enter a different world… lose track of time, could this be a thousand years ago in a world now lost? let your imagination soar, real or fantasy? Do you even care?

From a temple loft, centuries lost let your mind rise above the horizon of fantastic sunset color and into the heavens of infinite mystery... From your jacuzzi on high join spirits of ancient souls in homage to a sea of life below you. From your ancient palace loft… descend the marble stairs to the sea world yourself, feel the sand caress your feet, let the surf gently wash over your legs.

Enter the fringe of this immense water world and commune with Mother sea, a plunge into yet another world that fills you with wonder and leaves you in harmony. Treat yourself to the experience of majesty and beauty rarely enjoyed by anyone; live out a wonderful fantasy... Leave worries behind; life is short, enjoy it while you can!


Room features


Canopy king bed


Sleeps 2


Awesome ocean view


One full bathroom

Special Features:

Jacuzzi, Golf Car (+$35 dls/day)

Other Features:

Private balcony with natural stone jacuzzi and waterfall, screened windows

Special Features

  • Beachfront Jacuzzi

    on the edge of fantasy, aloft in the seabirds flyway, overlooking an immense Pacific Ocean by day and a million-star canopy by night…a magical place to enjoy this super comfortable spa on the balcony deck of Ixchel Penthouse.

  • Golf Cart Rental Only $35 Per Day

    Sayulita is a 10 minute golf cart ride away. Whether your interest is shopping, dining or clubbing, you can easily drive your golf car almost anywhere in the Sayulita area. A Golf Car is available for $35/day.


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